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Modern development of organic, mineral and organomineral fertilizers
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First North-West Peat Company is a strong production base. Due to highly productive equipment, the company produces a wide range of soils and fertilizers annually.

Recipes of the main product lines of soils mixed with peat were developed in cooperation with specialists of the All-Russian Research Institute of Organic Fertilizers and Peat, St. Petersburg.

The Company's Quality Department controls the production output for compliance with established regulatory documents, technical specifications and GOSTs.


Product range

The company's products are widely represented in all regions of Russia and hold one of the leading positions in the market of goods for garden and vegetable garden. The company's own trademarks: Ambulance, People's Soil, Promix, Prof and Living bio-soil.
Each brand has its own story and challenges.

Skoraya Pomosch is a brand of soils, liquid fertilizers, and natural materials for indoor and decorative plants.

Narodnyi Grunt is a real people's brand of substrates for the garden and vegetable garden.

Zhivoy Biogrunt is a quality product made on the basis of biohumus.

ProMix are targeted products for professional use.

PROF products are characterized by the formulation of substrates that recreate the natural growing environment of decorative and foliage plants.



Well-adjusted logistics schemes allow the company to make deliveries to distributors in the regions, to large federal and regional networks in Russia. Substrates, complex fertilizers, related products for gardening are also presented on the markets of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.

The company guarantees its partners uninterrupted deliveries of products in the required volumes!

Product range

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A unique peat deposit, technological production, marketing support, optimal stock of finished products in warehouses, and modern logistics schemes are the components of a successfully developing company.
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